We often hear of designers who are hosting their Wordpress site on shared hosts and they end up having issues with email delivery. Their clients contacts them stating that leads from forms on their website are not being delivered. This is often caused by a misconfigured contact form or the web server’s mail service is down. In most cases the leads are lost and the client is upset.

We lost important emails and potential revenue. ☹️

In order to mitigate this we created a Wordpress Plugin called Email Keep. This plugin hooks into the native wm_mail function via a filter to act a middleware and catch any email sent from Wordpress and save it locally in an inbox located in the admin section of the site. This way you’ll always have a backup of important leads.

For installation instructions and to download visit Email Keep.

You should use this as a fail safe for these situations.

If you need a custom plugin created for your Wordpress site or to integrate a proper email delivery platform on your site contact us for more information.

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