For this new version of my blog I looked at some static site generators to power it. I wanted to use something other than wordpress to power this section.

At first I had my sights set on Ghost since the UI is clean and I wanted to write in markdown, but after a few minutes into the installation I realized it was not a great fit for my needs. So I did more research and found allot of articles from folks who switched from Ghost to Hugo.

Enter Hugo

Hugo is a platform completely new to me, I’m used to working with dynamic websites that are powered by a standard SQL database. Hugo is different it serves your blog from static markdown files and gives you the flexibility to set all of canonical paths based on structure and content variables using frontmatter.

Hugo is gives you the dynamic structure of WordPress and the speed of a static file.


  1. Fast
  2. Simple to implement
  3. Host it for free with Netlify or GitHub pages
  4. SEO ready


  1. Folder structure could get messy if not planned well
  2. You’ll need to be comfortable with terminal