Your competition thinks about SEO daily, do you?

Search engine optimization is the most cost effective way to boost organic search traffic to your site. The first place customers go to research a new product or service is Google, Yahoo or Bing. We have helped Fortune 500 and even Fortune 7 companies with their SEO strategy and will be delighted to help you increase visitation and sales. Below is our starter SEO plan:

Complete website audit

We will scan your website and provide a detailed list of improvements needed for optimal search engine ranking. You will be able to pass these along to your web development team or if you'd like we can provide a quote to make those changes.

Search keyword analysis

Our analyst will provide you a list of the most search key words for your industry for your region.

Search engine ranking reporting (google, yahoo, bing)

We will take your top 50 keywords and create a report of your page rank per keyword for each major search engine. We can schedule this report to be sent to you every 5 days.

Competitive analysis

We will provide a report of your online competitors, where they rank, their domain credibility and how many backlinks they have pointed to their site. We will also estimate what they are spending on PPC advertising